Transport Software Solutions for Your Success

Transport management software solutions of 2020 Fleet Genius is built for logistics coordinators who find it hard to manage their company fleet and haulage. Software is used from courier drivers, road haulage, From a customer’s order and drivers available for the job to the delivery of goods, everything can be managed through our transport software. Road transport software solutions of Fleet Genius is every planners dream!
With the help of a simple dashboard, you can manage pending orders, check the available drivers and assign orders to them, send messages to individual drivers, see the trucks available and view the completed orders. Once you have assigned an order to the driver, it will pop up in their driver’s app and they’ll begin the delivery.
No matter how large your fleet is and how many drivers you are managing, the transport management software streamlines your workflow by keeping a complete record of orders assigned to each driver. Once an order has been delivered by the driver, the status of the driver changes to available and you can assign the next project to them with no delay.